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how I helped Dave to sell his 128 unit multifamily complex and save $1.1M in capital gains tax without having to do a 1031 exchange.
watch Dave as he shares his story about how Brett Swarts and capital gains tax solutions helped him achieve his real estate and wealth goals. 

"I wanted to be able to time the real estate market and buy commercial real estate when it was more of a Buyer's lower-priced market instead of overpaying in a highly appreciated and highly-priced market. The DST saved my 1031 exchange." 



if you are unhappy for any reason with capital gains tax solutions or the deferred sales trust before your deal closes, simply let us know before the close of escrow and there will be no hard feelings and zero fees owed to anyone. 
this truly is a zero cost and no-obligation due diligence.

no 1031 exchange  required

save thousands of $'s & hours of headaches with this 'no-rush' method of purchasing real estate.

no debt or like kind required

no need to find a like kind property or stay in unnecessary massive debt.

no investment property required 

Whether your're selling a business, primary home or other highly appreciated asset, we have a solution for you

no time commitment

you're only 3 hours away from seeing your wealth plan opportunities.

here's how we work  

free analysis

we provide a free analysis with estimated capital gains tax deferral benefit using a deferred sales trust. This will show you how to legally break free from capital gains tax and find freedom to buy and sell your business or property without ever worrying about 1031 exchange ever again.

optimal timing wealth plan 

optimal timing transformational wealth plan cloning.  We show you how to clone a proven wealth plan in less than 5 Hours to gain more time, energy and wealth freedom. We provide a tax deferred survey of all of your assets and show you how to get your Deferred Sales Trust to work In your favor and become an investment rather than an expense.

transformation wealth plan delivered

we help you close your deferred sales trust to fund your optimal timing wealth plan which delivers tax deferral, liquidity, diversification so you can create and preserve more wealth. Then we provide ongoing trustee services and connect you with some of the best financial adivosrs and investment real estate operators in the world.  

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